Husband's semen analysis

Husband's semen analysis is a simple test and should be taken as the first test in the investigations of couple suffering from infertility. Semen analysis is a sensitive test and its results are affected by the time interval from last emission of semen, and time place and method of semen production. The quality of container, air temperature, method of transportation, time between production and assessment, and the level of person performing test are all important factors. Therefore must read the instruction leaflet available in the semen production room at our center before producing the semen. A single abnormal report of semen analysis must not be taken as final rather it should be repeated after reading the detailed Instructions.


Ultrasound is the first investigation in the wife. This is a simple investigation and picks up gross abnormalities in the female genital tract. Transvaginal ultrasound is more useful in infertility workup and does not need a full urinary bladder.

Hormone Tests

A range of hormone tests is performed in the initial evaluation of woman for infertility treatment. These tests help in finding the cause behind failure of egg formation. These tests also help in planning the treatment for women going through repeated abortions.

Tube Test

The Study of shape of uterine cavity and patency of fallopian tubes is an important step in the investigation of infertility. For this purpose a special type of x-ray is performed after giving an injection into the uterine cavity. The injection fills the uterine cavity and flows through the fallopian tubes in to the abdominal cavity. The flow pattern of this injection is shown on the x-ray. Any defect in the uterine cavity and fallopian tube is easily picked up. It is also confirmed that tubes are open or blocked. The tubes can also be tested at Laparoscopy.