Company Profile

CRAFT-IVF is established under direct supervision of Professor Muhammad Arshad Chohan. The center is being run by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Every member works with commitment and dedication. The clinical team comprises of professor, associate professor and senior registrar level personals. . The embryologists are foreign trained. Laboratory technicians are trained in IVF technology.

Quality Control

High results in IVF are our focus. Good results can only be achieved through quality work. We have a specialized quality control wing. Every system has a backup to cover the breakdown and every reading is double checked through a separate monitoring system. The center is under camera vigilance and the activity of every member of the team is visible to all other members.


A successful IVF center needs a germ free environment. CRAFT-IVF has restricted entry. The finishing material used in building has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The paints are nontoxic and the chosen colors have soothing effect on the patients to minimize their stress level while going through the procedure. The center is fitted with the most modern and most efficient air purification system, which reduces the unwanted particle count to the minimum recommended levels. The operation theater area is protected from outside air and machinery with highest patient safety profile is chosen. The lights used in Operation Theater are non-toxic to the embryo.